Basic Sculptural Modeling

Hella Loewe


Developing the Will by Working with Pure Forms in the First Three Grades

In this well-illustrated book Hella Loewe describes her research and practice of working with modeling in the early elementary grades of a Waldorf school. She describes meeting a class of mixed nationalities with social and behavioral challenges and how she was able to temper this class through specific modeling techniques.

Are the children coming into our classrooms today requiring more will-centered activities? Loewe believes this is so and challenges teachers to take a new look at the traditional Waldorf modeling curriculum through her reexamination of Rudolf Steiner's indications.

Contents include:
Modeling with Clay in the First Grade
Step-by-Step Guide for Grades One through Three
Practical Experiences
About the Effects of Modeling with Clay
Excerpts by Rudolf Steiner Regarding Sculptural Modeling

Waldorf Publications
ISBN 1-888365-73-0
114 pages
8.5 x 8.25