Rudolf Steiner: Life, Worldview, and Legacy - single copy


Steiner: Life, Worldview, and Legacy is a 20-page powerhouse of an overview of the life and reach of the influence of Rudolf Steiner. For those not familiar with Rudolf Steiner’s life and work, this is a perfect summary of his accomplishments and impulses, which continue around the globe since his lifetime in agriculture, dance, paintings, sculpture, education, medicine, architecture, the sciences, and care and education for people with disabilities. Given the many, potentially confusing analyses of Rudolf Steiner’s life and work, Ronald Koetzsch’s introduction is a comprehensive, honest re-telling of the myriad avenues down which Steiner walked to change the world. Though this brochure might not directly persuade parents to enter their children in kindergarten, lower school or high school, it will settle hearts about who Rudolf Steiner was and the countless gifts he left for us to develop!

Single copy