Emil and Berta

Sophia Christine Murphy


It is 1919, and Europe has been devastated by the First World War. Emil Molt, the managing director of Waldorf-Astoria Cigarette Company in Germany, and his wife Berta wanted to start a school to educate the children of their employees and turned to their friend Rudolf Steiner for guidance. That would be the start of a revolutionary approach to education, now known worldwide as Waldorf education.

Sophia Christine Murphy, Emil Molt’s grand-daughter, draws on her grandfather’s diaries to trace the couple's struggles, betrayals, successes and breakthroughs in the founding and nurturing of the first Waldorf school. Murphy tells the story with grace, ease, and objectivity, bringing this remarkable chapter of educational history to life.

Waldorf Publications
ISBN: 9781943582273
208 pages
6 X 9 inches