Birthday Story

Gordana Katarina Brzaj


This little booklet comes to us from a kindergarten colleague in Croatia. In it the author shares her version of a BIRTHDAY STORY and describes the way that Waldorf teachers celebrate every child on their special day in Waldorf kindergartens and early grades. This ritual for young children is hard to describe and better to experience. The book explains how the birthday story addresses each child on the important day of birth, underscoring the feeling in the child that she is special and that her life on earth has meaning.

Gordana Brzaj explains simply and eloquently how to go about preparing a birthday celebration with a birthday story at its heart. Each child given to us on earth will be reassured, affirmed, and delighted with such a ritual.

If you already do birthday stories for your children as a teacher or a parent, you will find ideas and cause for celebration in this book. If you have not done a birthday story with a child before reading this book, you will find an abundance of good ideas and encouragement to do one for a child!

Waldorf Publications
ISBN: 978-1-943582-71-6
32 pages
7 x 10 inches