A Warm and Gentle Welcome


A Warm and Gentle Welcome: Nurturing Children from Birth to Age Three.

Do We Know Why We Do What We Do? - Emmi Pikler's Trust in the Wise Infant - The Wonder and Complexity of Motor Development in Infants - Thinking and the Consciousness of the Young Child - The Sacred Art of Observation - Making Peace with Toddler Conflict - A New Vision for Creating Partnerships with Parents - more

The writings included here on nurturing children from birth to age three reflect many years of study, colleagueship and practice. As Waldorf educators and caregivers strive to understand and meet the unique needs of children at this momentous stage of life, our work continues to deepen. Communities of colleagues through sharing ideas, studies and practices have, year by year, taken small steps forward. Threads have begun to weave a tapestry as colleagues continue to meet, and meet again reconnecting with those who have crossed their paths over the years, but in new ways, with new questions and fresh insights.

--From the Foreword by Susan Weber