Education - Health for Life

Michaela Glöckler, Stefan Langhammer, Christof Wiechert


Education and Medicine working together for healthy development
Michaela Glöckler, Stefan Langhammer, Christof Wiechert

The concept for the Kolisko conferences is to present and make clear the pedagogical and therapeutic tools found within Waldorf education. In 2006, for the first time, there were nine such conferences held worldwide. This conference companion presents valuable study material for all who have an interest in the topic.

KOLISKO Conference 2006: Glockler, Langhammer, Wiehert - Chapters: Education - A Pathway of Silent Healing; Pictures of the Development of Physiology; Healthy Timetabling; Salutogenetic Approach to Education in Early Childhood; Questions of Waldorf Educators; The Curriculum Physiology - Age Specific Subjects and Therapeutic Didactics; Projective Geometry - Holistic Understanding of Space; Professional Ethics in Education; Meditation and Community building; Two Meditations for Teachers; The Seven Virtues of the Art of Teaching; What Helps in Daily Practice?; How Long to Work with a Class as a Class Teacher?; Pedagogic-Medical Diagnostics and Therapies; Examples of Spirituality in Science, Art, and Religion; Questions of Today; Areas of Collaboration with Parents and Pupils; The College of Teachers as a Working Group Responsible for School Management; Life and Work of Karl Schubert; Life and Work of Eugen Kolisko

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294 pages