Observing the Class Observing the Children - Waldorf Journal Project #18


Waldorf Journal Project #18

Table of Contents
The Art of Observing Children by Christof Wiechert
What Does a Good Child Observation Entail? by Klaus Hadamovsky
What Is a Child Observation? [Child Study] by Anna Seydel
Different Children – Changed Childhood by Armin Krenz
Born as an Original – Died as a Copy by Henning Köhler
Love Melts Away Fear by Henning Köhler
The Secret of Children’s Drawings by Armin Krenz
Normal Is the Difference: Maxims for Successful Integration by Henning Köhler
Anything but Children’s Play: What Play in School Means for Learning by Irene Jung
Love Enables Knowledge by Lorenzo Ravagli
Methods before the Age of Nine by Ted Warren
What Was That? Forgetting and Remembering by Albert Schmelzer Brought to School by the Police? 83 by Henning Köhler
Elemental Beings Are Real for Many Children: Conversation with Katharina Dreher-Thiel
Laughing with the Ninth Graders – Humor in the Main Lesson by Florian Heinzmann

8.5 x 11
91 pages

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