Cradle of a Healthy Life

Dr. Johanna Steegmans


Early Childhood and the Whole of Life Nine WECAN Conference Lectures

Dr. Johanna Steegmans with summaries of lectures by Dr. Gerald Karnow

The task of the Waldorf early childhood educator is to lead the young child into a healthy relationship with the body. In this we can work together with the anthroposophic physician, who seeks to redirect what has become diseased or malformed through actively engaging with Rudolf Steiner's picture of the human being in body, soul, and spirit. This volume collects the valuable contributions of two medical doctors to recent WECAN conferences on the east and west coasts.  The fundamental importance of early childhood for the health of the individual throughout life is presented with deep and compassionate understanding from the physician's perspective.  Key developmental stages and milestones are described afresh, and a path indicated that can help caregivers to "read" in the physiology of the child what he or she needs in order to grow into a free adult. 

WECAN Publications
ISBN 978-1-936849-04-8
162 pages
6 x 9 inches