Evaluation, Homework and Teacher Support

David Mitchell


Waldorf Journal Project #5
Edited by David Mitchell
Second Edition

Teachers and Parents, what do you think about homework? How much is given, how it is given, how much sense it makes, parameters for good learning connected to it, are all addressed in this rich collection of essays on the topics of homework, evaluation, and how teachers support the whole learning process of a child in the tools they choose. 
This unique collection of essays on this challenging topic, richly illustrated in full color, is an invaluable resource from many experienced teachers who have clearly thought this through to a thorough and surprising conclusion. A dozen opinions from a cumulative hundred years plus of teaching in Waldorf schools makes this book a must for any who are wondering abut the meaning and effectiveness of homework and teachers' evaluation of student progress.  
Parents and teachers must have this book for developing fully informed approaches and opinions on the urgent topic of evaluation and homework!

Collection includes:
"The Quest for Wholeness in the Waldorf Curriculum"  Erhard Fucke
"What Wants to Emerge?"  Claus-Peter Roh
"Evaluating, Judging, Testing, and Learning"  Robert Thomas
"The Role of Evaluation and Examinations within Waldorf Education within Different Age Groups"  Martyn Rawson
"Endings or Openings? Graduating or Launching?"  Rodiger Iwan
"Learning Autonomously, Disinterest Instead of a Thirst for Knowledge"  Thomas Jachmann
"How Meaningful Is Homework?"  Telse Kardel
"When Is Homework Necessary?"  Walter Kraul
"Homework-Obligation or Free Task"  Dietrich Wessel
"The Art of Conversation: Speaking, and Silence"  Heinz Zimmermann
"Saint Michael in the Midst of Everyday Life"  Thomas Stockli
"Angels and Star Children: An Excursion to Their Workshop"  Thomas Stockli
"Examples of Children's Tapestries"  Gudrun Koller

Waldorf Publications
ISBN: 978-1936367733
Color illustrations
136 pages
7 x 10 inches