From Mechanism to Organism

Michael Holdrege


Enlivening the Study of Human Biology

Young people in their ripening teens (ninth and tenth grades) are curious to know about how their bodies work but science classes can often deaden that curiosity with details, dates, names of scientists, and lists of things to memorize when the questions they carry have more to do with the developing sexual organs inside of them and their own immune systems, digestions systems, hearts, and minds. Setting a context in the arena where the youngsters' interest lives allow for engaging, lively classes that lead with enthusiasm and not boredom. Michael Holdrege here describes approaches used in Waldorf high schools that allow this to happen and expand knowledge without burdening souls (or boring souls). Teachers, parents, and all those who wished they could have learned biology like this when they were in school, will delight in the approach described by Michael Holdrege. Lavishly illustrated in color, readers can draw the pictures Michael provides to better understand and return to high school days of learning again!

Waldorf Publications
ISBN: 1943582661
Perfect bound
Color illustrations
252 pages
7 x 10 inches