The Seven Core Principles of Waldorf Education


The Pedagogical Section Council (PSC) is a circle of experienced Waldorf educators who are trusted pedagogical leaders in the Waldorf movement in North America. The circle of the PSC practices much like a college of teachers in a Waldorf school, and it meets rhythmically to take up different aspects of Waldorf pedagogy to study over time. From this dedicated study, guidance for furthering Waldorf education and deepening understanding of practices in the classroom are cultivated to support teachers and staff in schools.

“The Core Principles of Waldorf Education” were developed over a few years by the PSC to establish the essential aspects that characterize Waldorf education. Written in as economical a form as possible to emphasize the simplicity and vital nature of the principles, various members of the PSC circle have written to elaborate on each of the Core Principles to give the readership clear pathways into fully understanding them. Most of these essays were published previously in the Research Bulletin of the Research Institute for Waldorf Education. Those and additional essays are gathered in this book as a complete collection.

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The Pedagogical Section Council
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