Summer Reading

Our summer reading recommendations are offered in the spirit of preserving our free time and taking time to fill free time with whatever we want. The current drive to work all the time can make us draw a blank if we stop. We offer ideas in case you have such a blank that you might yearn to fill. Waldorf Publications is always on the lookout for books that will advance our understanding of what we are trying to do in Waldorf education both as parents and as teachers; books that will deepen our inner transformation to think like human beings with a spirit as well as a soul and a body.

If your summer plans have free time in them — with, perhaps, an ocean or a mountain lake or a “staycation” without myriad chores to accomplish — use our suggestions that might prove useful in the coming year, or might provide some imaginative vacation as well as bright pictures from worlds not our own — fanciful respite from our sometimes brutal “real” world! Whatever you do this summer, relax, and let the wisdom deep inside come out, and let new ideas sink in deeply.

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Don't forget to check our blog regularly - we will be releasing resource lists for class teachers by grade and special subject throughout the coming weeks as well as parent tips for raising readers!

Happy Reading!


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