Gnomes & Friends

Sieglinde De Francesca



This is Book 2 of the Tales of Limindoor Woods series.

Now there is a series of gnome stories -“The Tales of Limindoor Woods.” After the first of the series, The Way of Gnome, comes this book, Gnomes & Friends… with a third book on the way.

Revisit many old friends; Gus, that very special Gnome-in-training, and the many other gnomes and animals of Limindoor Woods.

  • Meet several new gnomes and friends who found their way into the magic of those woods.
  • Read about their exciting exploits and a certain special adventure that leads to a singular mystery.
  • Learn also from the many new teachings about how to be an honest, brave, patient, observant, caring & generous Gentle-gnome.

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