The Falconer

Christopher Sblendorio


This thoroughly researched reader captures the essence of the life of Frederick II and will delight children and adults as well. Richly illustrated, it is a "must have" for every school library to have several copies.

This book is a biography of Frederick II Hohenstaufen, a medieval king and emperor, written for sixth grade students and teachers. It has also been enjoyed by older students and adults as well.

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Below are comments from Sixth Graders who have read The Falconer. They are taken from book reports that they wrote:

I liked this book. It was serious, but it was informative. I liked how it gave a somewhat story-like example, then gave a description.
Caroline Bissaillon

I liked this book because it had a lovely balance of funny and serious. It taught me a lot about medieval days.
Elinor Cherin

The Falconer is an amazing book, and I recommend it to anyone who is learning about the Middle Ages.
Ma'or Lev

I think this was a great portrayal of Frederick's life, and I intend to find out more about him one day.
Lillian Harding-Rieder

The Falconer was in my opinion the book that I most enjoyed of the books we read in school this year ~ both very educational and quite entertaining.
Luca Barton-Cain

There are funny parts and sad parts, and it is a very good way to learn history.
Logan Wickman

It is a biography told in an easy to understand and fun way. I thought this was a great book that portrayed the Middle Ages perfectly.
Meryl Phair

It is a well written book and had a good balance of funny and serious. I enjoyed reading this book and recommend it to 6th and higher grades.
Ruby Trabka

For me the story was a delight. I enjoy mind problems, and this book was one. I loved it.
Sorrel Rowley

Before I read this book I didn't know anything about Frederick. But, now it seems as if he is my best friend. I thought it was a very interesting book.
Benjamin Fasciano

An inspiring book and full of wonder. The Falconer taught me a very important lesson ~ to always stick with what you truly believe in.
Erika Wainwright

Waldorf Publications
ISBN 978-1-888365-94-8
104 Pages
9 x 6 inches