Book Review: The First Waldorf Teachers December 08 2021

Who Said, “YES,” to a Revolution in Educational Ideals? Read of them in the NEW Waldorf Publications book: The First Waldorf Teachers: Twelve Biographical Vignettes of Leaders of the First School

The First Waldorf Teachers | Waldorf PublicationsTomas Zdrazil has collected twelve biographical sketches of the twelve teachers and Emil Molt, the bold industrialist who started the whole idea of a new school, in one collection, wrapped in a single book by your friends at Waldorf Publications!

It’s remarkable what this group of teachers with Emil & Berta Molt’s help accomplished, some giving up successful careers to follow the fire lit by Rudolf Steiner to light the way to a remarkable new educational approach for the coming new millennium. It took tremendous courage, creativity, and colleagueship when beginning Waldorf education, now celebrating its 100 years all around the world with 1,000+ schools in 60+ countries and many more Kindergartens, all using Steiner’s philosophy and the footprints left by these first, astonishing men and women.

In one to three page stories of the work of these first teachers, Zdrazil captures the spirit of each in incredible profiles that give a sense of the miracle they each wrought, and wrought together, out of the chaos following WWI. Tomas Zdrazil is himself a current teacher and leader in the European Waldorf movement and his depth of understanding of the strength needed to do what these original teachers built from almost nothing is apparent. Read more here...