Sprinkle a Little Magic for that Special Child’s Holiday Time! November 21 2023

Gnomes Galore

What could be better than a little Gnome-enclature to twinkle things up with some golloping good gnome stories – by the master of sparkle in a good story, Jakob Streit.
Liputto, the Gnome, is at first a disagreeable troll who is then given a task of bringing drops of sunlight to Earth. He is given a cap of invisibility and his journey leads him to discover the nature of human beings. He helps many (and himself) to discover kindness and courage!
The Little Gnome Tenderroot, is a wee gnome who is all sweetness. He meets fairies, tree spirits, and even meets a dragon, as he grows to understand the world and the changing of its seasons.
Puck, the Gnome, is a fine, funny fellow with one foot facing forward and the other facing backward. The story gives pictures of the hard-working gnomes in our Earth and helps in describing the potential power in lies?? and the qualities of gold (even stolen gold). A marvelous story of humans and gnomes and how they help each other.
Tatatuck’s Journey to Crystal Mountain, is a tale of determination, friendship, and courage as little Tatatuck takes on the difficult task of climbing seven mountains to find the Crystal Mountain and bring back one of its shining crystals. He helps many on his way and they in turn help him as well!


Gnome-matter how old the young child, read these stories aloud to them, or the child reads for herself, they are delightful, sparkling stories that explain the workings of the world in marvelous pictures.
Children love them, and so will you!