Book Review: Waldorf Book of Blessings from Around the World June 07 2022

Waldorf Book of BlessingsWaldorf Book of Blessings from Around the World is now available!

Gratitude! What an uplifting attitude of soul to cultivate and maintain!  It can be difficult to find in today’s contentious world; yet here it is in abundance in this little book by Warren Lee Cohen. It is overflowing with gratitude for the food we eat and the friends and family with whom we share our meals. All around the world, families and friends ask for blessings on their meals with a spirit of quiet peace. So many different cultures and languages are represented in this powerhouse collection!

Keep this Blessings book on your dining table and use a different blessing and expression of gratitude each day! You will travel the world and learn the many humble requests for blessings that are murmured at mealtime around the globe. Waldorf Book of Blessings from Around the World is remarkable for it promotes just the kind of mindfulness we need in these days of turmoil. The peace that follows a blessing helps with digestion, sleep, the health of the heart, and the bonding with family and friends. Minutes of a pause before “digging in” can grant this kind of grace at any meal.

Waldorf Book of Blessings from Around the World has a cover filled with color and light. The contents are rich with connections from many cultures and are lightly illustrated with form drawings by the author’s daughters. Charming indeed!

Warren Cohen has realized a dream, nurtured over many years, to capture the glorious, happy, grateful, prayerful, quiet, abundant blessings that he has experienced in his travels—and through his connections with friends and family. Warren teaches now at the Toronto Waldorf School after more than a decade of leadership in teacher preparation at the Rudolf Steiner College Canada, and at Emerson College in East Grinsted, England. His early years of class teaching in Eugene, Oregon, where he completed his Waldorf teacher education, launched him on his remarkable journey in Waldorf education. His involvement with children of all ages shines in this marvelous work, as well as in his previous book, Baking Bread with Children.

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