Book Review - Honey Bee Haven January 12 2022

Honey Bee Haven a Nourishing Feast for the Eye and the Heart

Honey Bee Haven that is a real delight. Teaching ourselves and our children about the precious work done by pollinators, especially bees, has become a topic of some urgency in the last decades. With gloriously colorful pictures, done in watercolor paintings by the author, and the simple telling of how bees live and work, a penetrating story gets told in this little masterpiece of a book. It is about the significance of the work of honey bees, and about our part in making them feel appreciated, cared-for, and loved!

Instead of fear about bees, a warm appreciation arises in these thirty-six beautiful and clear pages that chronicle the journey of bees in our world. While it looks like a children’s book, and it is, of course, but it is also a book for all of us at any age. Honey Bee Haven is an invitation to take a moment to enter into a realm different from our own hustling, bustling world, to experience the diligence and purposefulness of the lives of honey bees.

The results of this diligent work are a world of flowering plants along with the sweetness of  honey  — one of the most sun-filled, light-filled, delightful-to-the tongue-and-taste treats in all the world! What work could be described as more rewarding than this.  We might add beeswax as well – best material for even-burning, pleasant smelling candles anywhere!

This little book is decidedly worth its weight in gold — like honey!