Negative Numbers: A Collection of Exercises: Teacher Workbook


The negative numbers represent a central theme in the 7th-grade curriculum that ought not to be reduced to the application of poorly-understood rules of calculation but rather should challenge and support the students/ forces for thinking and imagination. How can the concept of this new domain of numbers be provided with conceptual depth? Which attitudes and forces can be developed in the process?

Here is a real gift to the teacher presenting negative numbers. It represents a companion workbook to one for students which gives the teacher a pathway to a creative presentation and rigorous approaches to the conceptualization and application of negative numbers in mathematics.

The exercise book for the students contains a rich spectrum of the most diverse problems that on the one hand support in an exemplary way skill acquisition concerning a variety of different thought forms, while on the other hand continually stimulate reflection on one’s activity. The teacher’s book contains the solution to all exercises (including an explanation of the solution path), a didactic exposition of the theme, as well as hints for possible ways to organize the instruction (either as the main lesson or otherwise).

Waldorf Publications
ISBN-10: 3939374296
113 pages
Full Color
8.5 x 11