The Little Series - Christmas


Compiled by Helmut von Kugelgen

Christmas is densely packed with meditations on the meaning of the season, the Gospel stories of Christmas, prayers and verses of resounding simplicity and richness, even a St. Nicolas celebration for children by von Kugelgen makes an appearance.

WECAN Publications
ISBN 0-9722238-2-7
37 pages
5.5 x 8.5 inches

How to Work with This Booklet
The Four Different Accounts of Christmas in the Gospels
Universal Verse for the Earth
The Gospel of St. John
The Christmas Conference 1923/1924
Christmas Verse
Verses from the Calendar of the Soul
The Etheric Body as a Reflection of the Universe
Wisdom, Power and Love
In Praise of Love
The Armour of God - Verse by Angelus Silesius
Universal Verse for Our Earth
Freedom and Peaceful Collaboration
Isis, Sophia and Maria Unified in Love through the Child
Forces of Child and Forces of Eternity
The Birth of Christ in the Human Soul
The Christ-Impulse throughout History
Peace on Earth
Summer and Winter/New Year's Eve and the Holy Nights
Verses by Angelus Silesius
The First Gift
The Nicholas Messenger
Apocalyptic Advent Gospel - Gospel Texts for Advent, Christmas time, Epiphany and Beyond