Book Review: Bare Hand Crafting - the sequel to Bare Hand Knitting November 01 2021

If you loved Bare Hand Knitting, here is Aleshanee Akin’s next volume, Bare Hand Crafting 2! It is filled with more advanced techniques using yarn, thread, and your own two beautiful hands!  Many have asked about this upcoming treasure trove of creativity and now it is here! In addition to learning how to knit without needles, you can learn to hand knit in three dimensions, and to crochet, embroider, and combine all your skills to make lovely things to wear, to play with, and to enjoy.

Here’s your chance to unwind using luxurious natural yarns. What could be a better antidote to stress and screens than creating with your hands? Make an embroidered crown for a little one’s birthday—or your own. Crochet a lo-o-o-ng scarf for those coming chilly days. Make a sweater by hand—quite literally!  No tools necessary—except you!

This new volume, like the first, is filled with illustrations by the gifted Elizabeth Auer, ensuring that all directions are as clear as can be! The book is a real joy to read and the artwork ensures the ease of creating. Happiness is likely to follow! Even our proofreader expressed delight with the playful terminology Aleshanee has invented to keep the projects imaginative, tickling one’s fancy while making items that are fun, rich with color, and, best of all, useful!

The book is 200 pages of splendid ideas—a “must have” book for all crafters—to be used over and over again, and cherished. Let’s clap hands for such a book …oh sorry, our hands are busy!