Fairy Tales and Art

Monica Gold


If you are a teacher, parent, or friend of the Waldorf school movement and would like to know why the role of the fairy tale is so important in the earliest years of Waldorf School, please consider opening this book. Within you will discover the wisdom that lies behind the imagery, symbolism, and events woven into classic fairy tales, as well as the relationship between the history of story and of visual art, and how together they reveal volumes about human consciousness and the Spiritual mission of humankind.

Gold explains the great importance of these pictures being brought and shared with the souls of the little folk in particular, who live in the world of imagination and how
the stories “offer the seeds of guidance for balanced growth and well being.” We are
also invited to take a closer look into the world of the small child through a study of their drawings, and how, like fairy tales, they create images rich with metaphor. We
can see in these pictures how the child incarnates and develops, and are invited
to witness the world of cosmic consciousness, the source from where the fairy tale

If you have wondered how there can be meaning in such simple stories, or whether
stories with such scary characters are really appropriate for children - or why there
seems to be a growing fascination in Hollywood and popular culture with fairy tales
these days – this book will surely guide you to the wisest answers.

“This is an extraordinary book: it weaves together fairy tales,
children’s drawings, and the history of art with the deepest
questions of spiritual development of man and mankind.”
-Thomas H. Meyer

Waldorf Publications
ISBN: 978-1-936367-27-6
196 pages
8 x 9.5 inches

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