Waldorf and Adolescence: set of 50


An enrollment brochure.

We all vividly remember our high school years. During this span of time our self-awareness and self questions are at a pinnacle. Out memories range from despair to elation as we pass through those exciting but turbulent years. There is no pathway around this stage of life . . . we must just bear them and proceed straight ahead.

In a Waldorf high school each student is seen as an individual with unique talents needing to be honed and academic skills needing to be rigorously exercised. At the same time the students seek truth in all they encounter be it the course work or adult interaction. They see the world as theirs and are sheltered by the tempering of hardships and disappointments which age introduces.

The following four articles present the mood of the classroom as well as some of the content of the lessons. It is hope that they will give you more insight as you consider the option of enrolling your son or daughter in a Waldorf high school.

The Magical Mystery Tour of Adolescence, by David Sloan
What Will Today's Children Need For Financial Success in Tomorrow's Economy?, by Judy Lubin
Shakespeare and the Eleventh Grader: A Match Made in Heaven, by David Mitchell
What is Phenomenology?, by Micael J D'Aleo

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