Waldorf: The Elementary Years: single copy


An enrollment brochure.

When you send your child(ren) to school you are passing them over to an environment and individuals that will have a
profound effect on them for the rest of their lives. In fact, during any given week of school your children will be under
this influence more than with you during their waking lives. It is here seeds are planted for morality, love of learning,
and social integration.

What are these seeds?

How does environment affect child development?

What subjects and skills should be taught in developmentally appropriate ways?

How should school and home work together to the benefit of the children?

What childhood activities promote healthy cognitive development so that learning becomes a life-long passion?

This pamphlet contains four essays to make informed decisions whether Waldorf education if right for your family.
Waldorf education is not an off-shoot from the stream of education, it is its own stream from its own source.

Confronting the Culture of Disrespect, by Langdon Winner
"Teaching" Morality - Is It Possible? Uncovering the Small Still Voice Within, by Patrice Maynard
Science and the Child, by Steve Talbott
Making Learning to Read a Health-Giving Process, by Arthur Pittis
You may follow up this short reading with a bountiful collection of books from AWSNA Publications. You can view
the results of studies of Waldorf graduates in the books: Survey of Waldorf Graduates I and especially Survey of Waldorf
Graduates II.

A highly recommended introductory viewbook is: Windows into Waldorf.

16 page brochure


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