The Power of Grammar

Anne Greer


New Edition
Produced by the Research Institute for Waldorf Education and distributed by Waldorf Publications this book contains the proceedings of a recent colloquium where Anne Greer presented her novel approach to the subject. There are also contributions made by the illustrious participants.

Grammar is the basic structure of our language and is difficult to teach in any language, especially English! In this book, Anne Greer provides a wonderful survey of grammar teaching in North America. Her lively interchanges with language arts teachers sharing their experiences in their classrooms, demonstrate ways to make the language truly living. The book gives many fine ideas for the approach to grammar needed in our culture. Beautiful, artistic work requires structure, and grammar provides that structure for the living language of North American English.

Teachers and parents will appreciate the numerous examples, depth of investigation, and creative approaches provided in this book for the guidance of the young and the young at heart for capturing the essentials of grammar for powerful, clear writing.

Waldorf Publications
ISBN #978-1-936367-74-0
Soft bound
172 pages
8.5 x 11 inches