The Yonder

Donald Samson


Magpie has made a wager with the Devil--never a good idea--and he daily suffers the consequences of holding up his part of the deal. Then, inadvertently--it seemed like the right thing to do at the time--he owes a life to Death within the next nine months, which he hopes won't have to be his own. Added to all this, he is helping Constance to find her missing husband in the Yonder, a mysterious place with rules of its own. To make matters worse, as if they could, they discover that Constance is the escaped slave of a powerful magician who is determined to get his property back. This sets Magpie on a spiraling journey where he has to match his wits against the magician as he attempts to beat the Devil at his own game, and slip out of the debt he owes to Death.

There is a place you always knew was there, just out of reach, beyond consciousness, yonder.
This is a tale of hidden identities, misdirection, dead-ends and wandering, of treachery and redemption, desperate oaths and impossible debts, and in the end, of faithfulness, and love.
Come to the Yonder, where a fairy tale is not just a story in a book.

Donald Samson
ISBN: 978-1732537231
Perfect bound
364 pages
6 x 9 inches