Who is Harry Potter?

Frans Lutters


What can account for the unprecedented popularity of Joanne K. Rowling’s Harry Potter books? Frans Lutters takes us through a journey of investigation, compassion and understanding by the end of the book. His insights tempt us to believe that Harry Potter is still alive in our world and that he accomplished a great deal in the archetypal battle between light and darkness, good and evil. Young people recognized this before grownups could decide whether they liked the books or not. Lutters uses his enormous understanding of classical literature to draw very fine analogies with other warriors of the spirit in history and sheds warm light on the transformative power of love that is the secret weapon of every classical hero we can find. Likening Harry Potter to Parcival and drawing on his knowledge of the intense experience of recognition Joanne Rowling had on a train when she saw Harry Potter through a rainy train window and then knew she had to write about him, Lutters lures us into pondering.   This thought provoking book looks beyond the glitter of the movies, the paraphernalia, and the “hype” surrounding these fine works of story telling and invites you to reconsider the real task of these stories.

Waldorf Publications
ISBN 978-1-936367-69-6
72 pages
5.5 x 8.5 inches