Books for the Journey


Compiled and edited by Pamela J. Fenner, Anne J. Greer, and John H. Wulsin

"Yikes! With 1,892,729 Books Out There, How Do I Pick the Right Ones?"

Books for the Journey, the reader's guide for high school and beyond, is the perfect place to start. With nearly 1500 of the "best books ever," gathered into subjects and with a description of each one, you'll find your compass point easily.

These books are "good reads' and great sources of information and inspiration. Fiction, drama, poetry, biography, history, non-fiction, mythology and sacred writing - they're all here. Even a section where high school seniors chose the books that made a difference in their lives. Each category also includes a "Reader's Road Map' that guides the reader through each section.

Michaelmas Press
ISBN 0-9647832-4-X
343 pages
6 x 8 inches