Two favorites are now back in print! August 09 2021

Toward the Deepening and The Sun with Loving Light are back in print and available once again!


Waldorf Publications is excited to announce that the PSC's title Toward the Deepening, an indescribably important book, is back in print! This book contains the original words of Rudolf Steiner at the founding of the first Waldorf school in Stuttgart, Germany, and thought-provoking essays on the significance of Waldorf education. The Pedagogical Section Council (PSC) members, who initially assembled the work in this book, saw it as a uniquely North American collection to address the needs of teachers committed to a meditative path in support of a career in Waldorf teaching.


For many years, this book was reserved solely for members of the colleges of teachers in North American Waldorf schools. The PSC kept the books and calligraphed the name of each Waldorf School's college member, once ordered, to keep the book until ready to retire from a college of teachers and send the book back to the PSC for a new name to be added and that copy of the book used again. The spiritual nature of the collection of essays and the verses and images of the work in our Waldorf schools made the book easy to misunderstand, and this procedure around the book's contents was meant to protect it. Our materialistic world can tend at times to criticize without understanding what it is criticizing. Teaching is fully absorbing enough not to need the additional stress of these misunderstandings added on!


Late in the 1990s, all of Rudolf Steiner's work was publicly published. Those who keep and publish the books and lectures of Rudolf Steiner felt it was high time to fulfill the original intention of Rudolf Steiner to make matters of spiritual import available to anyone wishing to learn about it. The International Forum for Waldorf-Steiner Education (IFWSE, the "college of teachers" for the worldwide movement) has published many good books to enhance materials for the same purpose, especially during this time of continuing celebration of 100 years of Waldorf education in our world. This book, Toward the Deepening, however, belongs very specifically to North America. As such, Waldorf Publications feels honored to be the keepers of this book for the PSC and to keep it in print in a dignified, beautiful form. We have been able to continue printing the book in hardbound format. We hope you agree and you can help ensure that everyone interested can have a copy!



The Sun with Loving Light
, that marvelous reader chock full of beautiful stories, verses, and songs, is back in print!

This award-winning book holds promise for young readers as well as abundant resources for parents and teachers! Based on the original reader from the first Waldorf School designed by Caroline von Heydebrand, the book has been "Americanized" to offer a mirror image of a fruitful reader with American materials. If you have any children in your life, you will be glad to have this book on hand. And first, second, and third-grade readers can read it to you, even as you read it to them. What could be better than that?