Let's Talk Let's Play

Jane Eliot


The author moves with ease and confidence as she teaches us how to teach young children in poetry, song, and play. She explains both why and how archetypal games grow out of the nature of children and language.

This is a beautiful book – filled with the love that embodies a Waldorf kindergarten, filled with the magic and joy of young children. Ms. Eliot is not only a master teacher, but a great lover of life whose give it is to lead children and adults to share in that love.

Part One includes Rhythm; Uses of Poetry; Wonder; repetition; Listening and Hearing; Selections; Originality; When to Begin; Mother goose; Festivals; Spring Moon; Quick Now!; Weather; Counting; Alphabet; Temperaments; Rhythm of the Day; Travel; Family and Festivals; One Last Poem

Part Two includes: Let's Play; Motion and Inner Motion; Balance; Visual Thinking and Imagination; Practice for You; Forces of Play; Interruptions and Completions

Games include: Ring Game; Seed Game; Spiral Games

This is a wonderful book for parents of preschoolers and anyone working with the very young child in a home care or day care setting!

ISBN 0-9623978-9-X
82 pages
6 x 8.5 inches