Journey to the Promised Land

Jakob Streit



Journey to the Promised Land - Jakob Streit - Waldorf Publications

The Path of the People of Isreal From Abraham's Calling to David's Dream
Volume II of Jakob Streit's trilogy of Old Testament stories.

Jakob Streit retells the stories of the Bible with colorful and compelling pictures that deepen the understanding of the stories' meaning. With his decades of Waldorf teaching with its storytelling curriculum, this master story teller brings the Old Testament to life. Geared to please nine and ten year-olds, these books make wonderful class readers for fourth graders. A perfect balance is struck in these stories between reverent care in the accuracy of the tales and the vivid embellishments that make the stories real.


Volume I - And There Was Light
Volume III - We Will Build a Temple

Waldorf Publications

ISBN 1-888365-23-4
165 pages
6 x 9 inches