Biographies for Eighth Grade

Susan Cook


Twenty remarkable men and women have their life stories told in vivid and lively detail, briefly enough to fit into a Main Lesson! Eighth grade is the time of revolutions in the modern world and Frederick Douglass, Harriet Tubman, Mohandas Gandhi, Cesar Chavez, and others fill the pages of this valuable resource with the stories that define the individuals who changed our world and our culture. If you love stories and the stories of great men and women and are looking to engage your teenagers with riveting tales of heroes, you need to look no further than this little tome! Even if you are not a teacher in need of bold ideas for biographies, you will enjoy this book. It's inspiring to read of those on whose shoulders we stand in our modern world.

Each chapter has one or more illustrations by students from the San Francisco Waldorf School.

Waldorf Publications
ISBN 978-1-943582-50-1
148 pages
5 x 7 inches