Come Unto these Yellow Sands

Molly von Heider


This book is more than a guide for teachers and Eurythmists. Molly von Heider describes in an imaginative and observant way the development of children throughout their school life from their entry into the preschool to their last year in grade 12. The suggestions to teachers provide support for the subject matter of the main lesson. She makes us realize what new life Eurythmy can give to every subject, giving birth to actual capacities.

For the early years, outlines of lessons are given in great detail. These are full of creative activity, stimulating not only Eurythmists but all who deal with young children. The themes of the poems, stories, and plays are in harmony with the changing seasons of the year, and the moods alternate from wonder and devotion to humor and gaiety, so that the religious feelings-of which children are in so much need today-never become too pious or gloomy. As well as traditional legends and poems by famous authors, there are many verses and exercises created by teachers out of the needs of the moment. These are given not as stereotyped patterns but as an encouragement to those dealing with children to create their own themes. Helpful quotations are included both from Rudolf Steiner's works and from those of leading Eurythmists.

Rudolf Steiner College Press
ISBN 0-945803-30-3
227 pages
8.5 x 11 inches