Waldrof Science Kit #11 Optics - Mirrors, Grades 7 & 8


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This Waldorf Science Kit was developed to assist teaching grades 7 & 8 science blocks in the Waldorf Curriculum.  This kit contains supplies you will need to conduct experiments for reflection, shadows, and refraction including:
1 convex spherical mirror, 75mm
1 concave spherical mirror, 75mm
5 plane glass mirrors, 100mm sq
6 mirror supports

Sold as a single item. Detailed instructions and a sample lesson is included.

This Waldorf Science Kit can be used hand and hand with the following resources that include descriptions of the physics blocks:
Physics for Waldorf Middle Schools: Grades Six, Seven, and Eight
A Phenomena-Based Physics: Sound, Light, Heat Volumes 1-3
Sensible Physics Teaching
Physics is Fun! 

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