The Mermaid of Amarvin Island

Eric Müller



Swannie’s life is changed forever when she saves a beached dolphin. In gratitude, Matmaka, the thankful dolphin, drops hints about her unique heritage. How does he know? Swannie hopes her father, who went missing during a raging storm, might still be alive. Could the dolphin help locate her father? Before returning to the ocean, Matmaka sends her on a quest to find the way to the Golden Secret, which ultimately leads her to Amarvin Island, where mermaids once frolicked before they fled from Nairamba. This monster serpent feeds off greed and lies. What will it take to free the island of its many troubles so the mermaids can safely return to Amarvin? The people, animals, and nature spirits Swannie meets on the way are willing to help, including Feliciana, her new friend from school. Will it be enough?

Alkion Press
ISBN: 1736682911
282 pages
6 x 9 inches