The Waldorf School - An Introduction

Christof Wiechert


The Waldorf School

An Introduction

What is distinctive about Waldorf or Rudolf Steiner schools? How do their pedagogical aims relate to the wide range of educational provision available today? Many people have heard of Waldorf schools, but few know much about them.
Waldorf schools pursue an innovative educational practice that could enliven, inspire and renew many aspects of today’s education system. This accessible and straightforward book describes the core concerns of Waldorf education and the current challenges it faces. It is intended for parents, teachers and trainee teachers, and anyone else who is interested in understanding what Waldorf schools are about, but who may not wish to grapple with some of the educational theories underlying this approach.

Verlag am Goetheanum
ISBN: 978-3-7235-1539-6
120 pages
4.6 x 7 inches