Trailing Clouds of Glory

Douglas J.W. Gerwin


Essays on Human Sexuality and the Education of Youth in Waldorf Schools

From the clear thinking heart of expert on teaching teenagers, Douglas Gerwin, comes this exceptional collection of thought provoking and information-packed series of essays on all the practicalities and mysteries of human sexuality and the coming of puberty. Every parent and every teacher of students from age eleven up needs this book! It fills the imagination with rich and straightforward ways to explain to the young why sexuality is so rewarding and so challenging! Here is a gift for which every recipient will thank you. One experienced high school teacher said, "I so wish I had this book ten years ago!" Every aspect of the mystique of human sexuality is addressed from embryology through to AIDS and same-sex relationships. The book was twelve years in the collecting and assembling, so carefully done and thoughtfully put together it is.

Authored by Douglas J.W. Gerwin, Edited by Douglas J.W. Gerwin, Translated by Catherine Creeger, Consultant editor Margaret Gorman, Cover design or artwork by Tomie Ohtake

Waldorf Publications
ISBN-13: 978-1936367603
436 pages
7 X 10 inches