Waldorf Education for America

Herman von Baravalle


Although these lectures were given several decades ago, von Baravalle’s cautious approach to education keeps his themes fresh and urgent as they were at the time of his career. Absorbing his thoughts on such diverse themes as the teaching of mathematics or the organization of the modern school, the reader is transported to America Waldorf education in its earliest, formative stages. Von Baravalle can convey the breadth and profundity of the Waldorf experience without reverting to confusing complexities or esoteric jargon, but his intimate connection with the deeper sources of this pedagogical method shines through every word. The author’s integrity and enthusiasm, as well as his abiding love of children and concern for their healthy development, combine to make this book a great value to parents and teachers alike.

Parker Courtney Press
ISBN: 1-888182-52-0
Perfect bound
201 pages
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