Finding Your Self

Torin Finser


Society demands so much of our teachers today. Schools are expected to deal with a host of social needs, often without adequate funding and support. Many politicians think the solution is to raise standards through additional testing, common core curriculum, and increased scrutiny of teacher performance. The external pressures on teachers and schools are increasing each year, yet few ask the teachers, “What do you need?”

Many studies have shown that the single most important factor in education is the teacher. In Waldorf schools, teachers are encouraged to grow professionally by cultivating inner resources. This booklet is intended to encourage teachers to take care of themselves, meditate, and become a source of inspiration for our students so that together we can address the urgent needs of our time. 

Thanks to the Waldorf Curriculum Fund this title is also available in Spanish!

Waldorf Publications
ISBN# 978-1-936367-43-6
80 pages