Book Review: Truth, Beauty and Goodness June 07 2019

Truth, Beauty and Goodness: The Future of Education, Healing Arts and Health Care
Lectures by Michaela Glöckler

This book offers the best we can offer to children in need of special care.  The transformative powers of truth, beauty, and goodness are those that give birth to love, the most potent agent in a child’s development possible.

In February 2018, Michaela Glöckler gave a series of lectures at the Kolisko Conference in Hawai’i. The theme of the conference was “Truth, Beauty, and Goodness.” This new book release is the collection of Dr. Glöckler’s lectures at that conference. Thanks to the devoted efforts of colleagues in Australia, Neil Carter, and Neil Boland, these lectures are now available for us all.

The Kolisko conferences are devoted to education for children in need of special care. These conferences instruct all teachers in child observation and therapeutic approaches for all children through our teaching.

These lofty ideals might seem too lofty to be practical; however, Dr. Glöckler describes how these qualities are the most practical of all for reaching children and helping them to grow. In all the guidance from Rudolf Steiner we have, this idea of focusing our thoughts on the highest ideals, the most spiritual of questions, the purest of qualities and the highest potential of each child leads to the best success in helping children on their way. While we are practicing this focus, we are not thinking those lower thoughts that can tend to drag us away from the real goals of teaching.

This is an inspiring book, with the potential to lift us all in our thoughts and focus. Our concentration can be honed through the attention paid to those practical thoughts in spiritual focus given through these lectures. This book is worth reading for the uplifting of all our thoughts and all our care of children. Buy it! Read it!