Book Review: Exploring Shapes Creatively Through Pure Form Modeling September 01 2019

Exploring ShapesExploring Shapes Creatively Through Pure Form Modeling

Arthur Auer’s new book on modeling is a genuine launch into the unknown territory of creating form and knowing yourself better while exploring!  He gathers thoughts from many before him, including himself!  But the book casts a new look at using clay for modeling as a means to self-development and creativity.  The book is big, chock full of strong ideas, with specific exercises to attempt, and worthwhile practices.

Honor yourself and honor clay with this book to lead your way!  We know from the lectures of Rudolf Steiner that how we use our hands in this life leads to capabilities unimaginable in the future. Clay is one excellent way to instruct your fingers and hands on to glory — on to a new kind of intelligence!

Teachers will find many ideas for the classroom in the pages of this rich collection.  Parents will discover ways to engage their young in work of the hands beyond thumbs and texting — off-screen and feeling the substance of the earth, unlocking authentic creativity, and out of sight of any screen.

Get this book and find a systematic way to explore without pressure, without expectations, and with easy joy in playfulness. We know that we are most human when we play — and playing with clay is uniquely human!  Our heads need a rest, and our hands rejoice in the activity.  Find out how good it can be through Arthur Auer’s remarkable approach and unlock archetypes, insights, and imaginative creativity.

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