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Helping Children on their Way Elizabeth AuerHelping Children on Their Way
Educational Support for the Classroom
by Elizabeth Auer
A long overdue compendium of essays for Waldorf class and special subject teachers, and parents, from seventeen experienced educators on how to help those children who seem beyond reach. Elizabeth Auer, masterful and artistic Waldorf class and remedial teacher of many years, has edited this rich resource and has illustrated it with sensitivity.  




Fire the Imagination — Write on! by Dorit WinterFire the Imagination Dorit Winter
How do we engage students of all ages in lively, precise writing — in writing creatively, enthusiastically? Here, based on years of Waldorf classroom experience, is a practical primer which shows teachers how to guide their students toward detailed, clear-cut descriptions. Such practicalities as tracking homework, managing corrections, and evaluating written work are also considered. Though the emphasis is on middle school, this approach is applicable to high school and beyond. Specific examples from lessons, samples of students’ actual writing, as well as ideas and exercises to avoid the maudlin, the sentimental, the unbelievable or the bland, will inspire teachers and their students. Cultivation of imaginative yet clear thinking leads to improved word-choice and stronger sentences, more fluent paragraphs, stories and essays. For college, for careers, for life, these are invaluable skills.


Spelling by Hand Herrmann

Spelling by Hand
Teaching Spelling in a Waldorf School by Jeremy Herrmann
Does your child struggle with learning spelling and reading? Are your students bored with weekly spelling lessons? If so, then this fun and straightforward approach to teaching spelling is for you! Waldorf schools aim to teach children academic skills by engaging their hands and heart, as well as their minds. In this concise booklet, the values of Waldorf education are merged with current research regarding how we most effectively learn spelling in order to offer a holistic approach to spelling instruction for Grades 1 through 8. The curriculum focuses on essential skills required for proficient spelling and presents many ideas for activities and games that help children learn. Teachers and parents who read this book will be able identify their child’s key areas for spelling improvement and provide their child with fun and meaningful opportunities for spelling practice towards mastery!


At Home in Harmony

At Home in Harmony by Meg Chittenden
Ever wonder when you see books from Waldorf Publications with titles like, Sing through the Day and Let’s Sing and Play, what you can do with books like these when you cannot carry a tune and you hope that your kindergarten child will learn enough in school to leave you out of singing?  Well, wonder no longer!  Author Meg Chittenden has assembled a book filled with wonderful songs and descriptions on how to sing them, along with a CD of the songs with a link to a phrase-by-phrase listening loop on her web site to learn as methodically needed.  At Home in Harmony is a beautiful book, also illustrated by Meg, with a warm-hearted, “don’t-worry-about-it-just-keep-singing” soul to it.



The Task of the College of Teachers in the Waldorf School

The Task of the College of Teachers in the Waldorf School  by Roberto Trostli
In Waldorf schools around the world, teachers gather to build an imagination of their school that opens hearts and minds to higher realities on behalf of the children entrusted to the care of the teachers and the school. This colleague-ship forms a vessel for the receiving of strength, courage, light, and love for the children in each Waldorf school. The “College of Teachers” is the name given to these circles of teachers who work actively, collaboratively, and meditatively on finding the best approach for each child through the Waldorf curriculum.  Roberto Trostli describes the practices and the task of the College of Teachers with clarity and insight in these pages. The book sheds light on this unique aspect of Waldorf education and offers perceptive suggestions for success. 


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