Waldorf Publications and WECAN Form a More Perfect Union February 26 2017

Here in the land of publishing it’s not always easy to tell what is happening beyond the borders of a completed book process. During the journey of publishing a book there are proposals from authors, committee decisions about those proposals, backs-and-forths with authors, decisions about the age range of the book’s usefulness, permissions from other publishers, decisions about illustrations where needed, layouts, font choices, size of the book, cover decisions, edits, proofreading, biographies of authors, sometimes translation issues, and then the actual lining up for printing of the book before going to press. The book is then printed and launched into the world. Authors wait for the books they have written to be received. Will the book offer a resource or call for a change or define something important? Does the book catch attention?

All of us buy, download, and read books without any of the steps above in mind. Nor should we!

As in all artistic endeavors, authors work with all their might, heart, and imagination to make something useful and beautiful for the world and then hope it’s recognized once they let it go.

Our big hope is that enough of our books reach enough people who will read them and then think differently about childhood, parenting, teaching and curriculum. We know that a change in imagination about childhood and caring for children are what will change things for the better for the future.

These ideas are shared with us by many but most notably by our colleagues at WECAN and WECAN Publishing. We rely on WECAN’s books to mirror our values, goals, and audience. We rely on the caliber of the content and quality of WECAN’s books. We feel WECAN wishing the same wishes we wish for in the care of children, in a strong and relaxed development of each child, in cultivating bonds of love that hold a child warmly towards independence in adulthood.

WECAN and Waldorf PublicationsIn the bright light of children and in the warm sharing of so many ideals and hopes for a future as bright as we can imagine it, Waldorf Publications has entered a new collaboration with WECAN to carry ALL their books in our store, www.waldorfpublication.org. Now everyone will be able to find books covering the arc of child development and education from birth to the end of high school in one place. How wonderful is that? For those of us who publish, with all those steps listed above, it is very, very wonderful!
Starting today, all WECAN books will be available on our site. We hope and trust that you think it is wonderful, or even very wonderful!

Waldorf Publications books and WECAN books may never feel lonely again!

Come forge a new imagination, with the help of great ideas collected in well-done books, on childhood, on children, and on the privilege of being parents and teachers.

Come shop with us at www.waldorfpublications.org and www.waldorfpublications.org/collections/wecan-publications.