Damaged/Imperfect Books - Books That Didn’t Make It May 16 2019

The life of a printed book is a unique biography. Some are ordered and sent from Waldorf Publications, landing safely and bringing pleasure and knowledge to the purchaser, the school, the parent, the teacher, the child. But others do not. Sometimes they are shipped to us and are bent or beat up en route. They might leave us to go to you in excellent shape but might get waylaid, wrinkled, crushed or broken along the way.

We save these books and because they have already had a difficult life history, we sell them at a remarkable discount.

We used to host a once-a-year “Damaged Book Sale,” but now we have added an ongoing section to our web site, that you can check out at any time.

Most books are only mildly out of kilter: a bent corner, a ruffled page or three, a spine with a dent, or a mark that ought not to be there. Occasionally a book is the previous edition or binding. They are, in other words, A GREAT DEAL.

Check out the titles currently available. Sometimes there will be many, sometimes there will be few. All books deserve preserving, for their sakes and for yours!

**All sales of clearance books are final. No returns or exchanges.