Library Lady's Corner

Book Review: Music from Around the World for Three-Part Recorder Ensembles December 17 2018

Music from Around the World for Recorder, edition II, by Michael Preston, is a robust collection of wonderful tunes and arrangements representing cultures of the world, designed and composed for three recorders — soprano, alto, and tenor.

Michael Preston’s book has in it all that is needed to envelop youngsters in beautiful harmony. His thoughtful and beautiful arrangements are fashioned to avoid technical difficulties that can be found in some recorder arrangements.

Book Review: Award Winning "Helping Children on Their Way" August 16 2017

Waldorf Publications is proud to be recognized by Mom’s Choice Awards with Helping Children on Their Way

Elizabeth Auer has assembled a remarkable group of educators to write about many aspects of supporting children in their different and varied “stuck places” along the road to a balanced development for life.

Coming Soon– Several New Waldorf Publications on the Way! May 05 2017

Check out the new titles arriving just in time for summer reading!

At Home in Harmony: Bringing Families and Communities Together in Song September 04 2015

If you walk into a room full of people and ask how many are singers, one or two might raise their hands. If you ask how many sing in the shower or along with the car radio, a lot more hands would go up. If you ask how many enjoy music, you’d be hard-pressed to find a hand not up in the air.

The highly anticipated new release is finally here ~ The Sun with Loving Light March 16 2015

This new Waldorf reader, The Sun With Loving Light, was assembled as a transliteration of the original reader, Der Sonne Licht, in the first Waldorf school in Stuttgart, Germany.  Caroline von Heydebrand was the original collector who put the Waldorf reader together for those children in that inaugural school.  In the United States in the 1950s, the New York City Rudolf Steiner School did a transliteration and named it The Key to the Kingdom, now out of print.  Hansjoerg Hofrichter in Germany has since resurrected and republished the original reader and wished mightily, being a Waldorf graduate with clear memories of the book as his own first reader, that similar readers could be made for children in Waldorf schools around the world, in the language of every country that has a Waldorf school.

It's π Day!! March 14 2015

Since 1988 math enthusiasts have been celebrating 3/14, as “Pi Day.”  Pi, roughly equal to 3.14, is the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter; an irrational number that has been calculated out 10 trillion digits with no repeating patterns and seems a mystery in its conceptual simplicity.

This year’s Pi Day is extra special. The year being 2015 makes the date as written, 3/14/15 and π calculated out two more decimal places is 3.1415. Calculate to nine decimal places and π is 3.141592653.  This means that on 3/14/15 at 9:26:53 we will have witnessed the longest extended Pi Day of our lives, the next not coming around until March 14, 2115!

March is Music In Our Schools Month! March 10 2015

Any child, any group of children, will listen if a command is sung, when often they will not hear a spoken command. Singing while working has been used for millennia to pass the time quickly and to work rhythmically in completing an arduous or tedious task. Music can quicken an atmosphere unlike anything else, and can explain things without ever being didactic. The Underground Railroad and all Irish rebellions against the British used songs to relay instructions: “At the Rising of the Moon;” “Follow the Drinking Gourd,” “Wade In Water,” are all good examples of this “education through song.”