From the Non-Public Education Newsletter July 18 2019

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ONPE Visits Green Ribbon School

One of a distinguished group of private schools to receive the 2018 U.S. Department of Education Green Ribbon School recognition, Maple Village Waldorf School in Long Beach, California, embraces the Waldorf education model.  Serving toddlers through eighth grade students, Maple Village reflects the Waldorf value of educating the whole child – heart, hands, and mind – and devotes specific attention toward environmental sustainability and a commitment to minimizing human impact on the natural environment.  In a visit to the school earlier this year, ONPE team member Jenay Morrisey observed the Waldorf educational model in action.   

Zero-Waste School Community

Waldorf pedagogy lends itself to an enlightened view and understanding of mankind’s relationship to the natural world, so starting Maple Village as a zero-waste community made perfect sense to Lisa McCarthy, founder and Dean of Education.  The school sources reusable products and focuses on reduced water usage by collecting rainwater.  Students are involved every step of the way in reducing the school’s impact on the environment by taking ownership of their surroundings and being mindful of how their actions impact others, not only as stewards of environmental responsibility but as kind and engaged citizens as well.

Waldorf History

Rudolf Steiner opened the first Waldorf school in September 1919 in Stuttgart, Germany.  That flagship school served the children of workers of the Waldorf Astoria cigarette factory.  One hundred years later, Waldorf schools are thriving in 64 countries around the world.  Based on a theory of experiential learning, Steiner believed that children learn best by fully engaging with subjects, not just memorizing information.   

Additional Information

Visit the Association of Waldorf Schools of North America to learn more about Waldorf education.