Heightened Awareness is a Wonderful Thing March 18 2020

Heightened Awareness is a Wonderful Thing,
no matter what brings it about.


It is memorable to note the reports from New York City after September 11, where never had people been so aware of others as they were in the days and weeks that followed that sorrow.  Marco Pogačnik spoke at that time of the work of the Black Madonna, who is present at these moments of crisis, heightening the need for Love in our world and transforming tragedy into compassion: dark Madonna to child of Light. This same heightened awareness is ours now. What a remarkable reminder this coronavirus situation is of how united we are as a community of human beings!


Here at Waldorf Publications we are rotating staff to allow for only one of the three of us to be in the office/warehouse at any given time. But we are here and have begun helping teachers ready for online teaching and guiding parents needing good books to use at home while school is out. We are here for anyone looking for great books, stories, and skill-builders to occupy the remarkable time we all have at home right now.


For the duration of the state of emergency we are offering our books at 15% off (unfortunately we can only offer this on books published by Waldorf Publications, not for books we carry from other publishers).





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Remember also the Online Waldorf Library — the OWL — which is an abundant resource for books, articles, lectures, Research Bulletin articles, and research which you may download for yourself for free. www.waldorflibrary.org


Our hearts go out to all of you — our colleagues, friends, and partners, during this stressful and strange time.  We are thinking of you and send good wishes for robust health, courage, and, of course, rigorous hand washingl! Thank you for your care of children, your good wishes, and your strength!