Now available - Tapestry of a Waldorf Education November 14 2020

Tapestry of a Waldorf Curriculum | Waldorf Publications
Tapestry of a Waldorf Curriculum provides a fresh look at the curriculum in Waldorf schools.  It is, of course, an endlessly flexible curriculum, and so these guidelines are offered in full recognition that creative teachers are free––indeed strongly encouraged––to adapt the Waldorf school paradigm to meet the needs of any given class or group of children.

This latest curriculum approach, sponsored by the International Forum for Waldorf/Steiner Education in Dornach, Switzerland, is more comprehensive than preceding curriculum guides, and is organized grade-by-grade through the twelve years of elementary and high school for ease of reference. Contemporary awareness is incorporated into this particular curriculum guide, as the Waldorf school approach has been made more international around the globe over the last twenty years.  

The grade-by-grade approach will eventually dovetail into an online reference guide providing a more detailed treatment of each subject tracked through the twelve grades. This latter portion of the project is already available online in German and is under development in English. The printed book, meanwhile, is intended to serve as a genial companion for any Waldorf teacher, or parent, timely in this era of homeschooling and racial awareness.

Some have asked what the difference is between our new Curriculum Guide, Tapestry of a Waldorf Curriculum by Tobias Richter, and a previous Curriculum overview done by Kevin Avison and Martin Rawson (The Tasks and Content of the Steiner Waldorf Curriculum). We hope this helps to clarify!