Update from Waldorf Publications March 23 2020

The Laws of New York at this time of 100% Quarantine have all of us at Waldorf Publications working from home. We are thinking of all of you, our friends and colleagues throughout the community, during this challenging time.

We will continue to work and fulfill orders as we can. Our 15% discount sale on all Waldorf Publications will continue throughout the time of this emergency.

For all schools, send your orders by email (publications@waldorf-research.org). We will be checking voicemail regularly; however, as always, email offers the easiest method to ensure we receive your order.

For individuals, WaldorfPublications.org is always open.

 For everyone, we will communicate via email to explain if the current restrictions affect any order fulfillment. Until the full impact of the latest prohibitions are fully understood we cannot predict with 100% certainty what these will entail.

 www.waldorfpublications.org is open — read blogs, find good stories to fill your heart, broaden horizons, and pass the time!

www.waldorflibrary.org is open and articles, research, and books galore are yours for the free-of-charge download there! Books and articles in English, Spanish, and Mandarin can be found there.

www.waldorfresearchinstitute.org is open! Research from around the world is collected by category there for free reading, downloading, and watching.

Heightened consciousness, however it comes, is a gift! Enjoy this as the opportunity it presents. Here at Waldorf Publications we extend to you our warmest wishes for peace of mind, inner quiet, and, most importantly, good health and stability through this uncertain time!