Library Lady's Corner

Book Review: Award Winning "Helping Children on Their Way" August 16 2017

Waldorf Publications is proud to be recognized by Mom’s Choice Awards with Helping Children on Their Way

Elizabeth Auer has assembled a remarkable group of educators to write about many aspects of supporting children in their different and varied “stuck places” along the road to a balanced development for life.

Multicultural? Why Waldorf Education Works Around the Globe August 11 2015

The unique view of child development used in Waldorf Education as the road map or architecture of the curriculum is at long last verified by scientific research in a number of areas of specialization. Brain development, multiple intelligences, sensory development, child psychology, neuroscience, have all illuminated in the last two decades that the practices in Waldorf education support perfectly the healthy development in body, mind and spirit of young human beings. Without the stress of testing, with child observation as the leading source of information about correct approaches in the classroom, and with strong development of capacities for concentration and work, children grow into confident, clear thinking, and compassionate people.